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CASIO FX-602P Calculator - программируемый калькулятор

CASIO FX-602P Calculator - программируемый калькуляторUsed as a calculator the FX-602P simulator will exceed most other calculator available. For example the FX-602P Simulator will calculate the correct result to the well known 1+23 test. Which is of course 7 as the multiplication of 23 should be done first.

But it does not stop there. The FX-602P simulator supports all arithmetic, trigonometric, logarithmic, hyperbolic, statistical functions and all alphanumeric display options of the originalcalculator.
And last not least the FX-602P simulator is fully programmable. You can write up to 10 programs, using 110 registers.

With the build in FA-2 cassette interface simulation you can save and load programs and data to your thump drive for later use. Or printout results with the FP-10 thermal printer simulation and then copy / paste them to other applications.

Read the original FX-602P documentation (in English / Spanish «http://fx-602p.krischik.com/FX-602P-en-es.pdf» or French / German «http://fx-602p.krischik.com/FX-602P-de-fr.pdf»), try out online «http://fx-602p.krischik.com/FX-602P.wdgt/main.html» to see what FX-602P Simulator can do. You my also visit the FX-602P website «http://fx-602p.krischik.com/» or blog «http://my.opera.com/fx-602p/».

Basic Features

Basic Operations

Arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, raising to power and root – all judging the priority of operations) negative umbers, exponent, 33 parentheses at 11 levels and constant operations.

Scientific Functions

Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions (with angle in degrees, radians or gradients), hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions, logarithmic and exponential functions. inverse. Factorial, square root, square, decimal Huer, Minute, Second conversion, coordinate transformation, absolute value, removing integer part, removing faction part, percentage, random numbers, .

Statistical functions

Standard deviation (2 kinds), mean, sum, square sum, number of data.


5 key independent memory 11 ~ 110 register (non-volatile).

Range of number

± 1 10-99 to ± 9.999999999 1099 and 0, internal operations use 18 digits mantissa.

Decimal Point

Full decimal floating point arithmetic with underflow (possible display of engineering decimals).

Programming Features

Number of Steps

999 steps (non-volatile)


Unconditional jump (GOTO), up to 10 pairs, condition jump (x=0, x0, x=F, xF), count jump (ISZ, DSZ), subroutine (GSP) up to 9 subroutines, up to 9 depths.

Number of programs storable

Up to 10 (P0 to P9)

Checking and Editing Functions

Check, debug, deletion addition, etc.

Indirect addressing

For M-register, destination of jump, calling subroutines.

Miscellaneous functions

Manual Jump (GOTO), temporary suspension of execution (PAUSE), command code and step number displayed during check, Simulated FA-2 adaptor for Record and File I/O (please note that the later needs Java security authorisation).

Device Compatibility

The application in written in device independent and should run on most Android devices. There is also a desktop version available on request (please include your purchasing informations).


Скачать: casio-fx-602p-calculator-v2.62.apk [673,85 Kb]


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№9 | написал: Buzadwyn
огромное спасибо за большой ассортимент софта

№8 | написал: Rainbearer
ключик - D1KV-LMWG-F17E-70J0

№7 | написал: Steelcaster
CASIO FX-602P Calculator - программируемый калькулятор ощутимо лучше прочих программ... нововведения возникают быстрее.

№6 | написал: Rainray
на телефоне теперь как бы лицуха из маркета этой самой проги!!

№5 | написал: Shawyn
Мне пишут, что не хватает памяти.

№4 | написал: Drelamand
смогу скачать CASIO FX???

№3 | написал: Swordstone
просьба, спасите, закачал софтину, теперь никак не могу установить оформление ее.

№2 | написал: Rexsmasher
Ну ежели CASIO FX без регистрации, то правда, удивлюсь

№1 | написал: Blackseeker
если не открывается, выключите антивирусное обеспечение.

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