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unrevoked3 - получаем ROOT на некоторых смартфонах

At this time, unrevoked3 works on all versions of the supported phones

Windows users, please download and install these HBOOT drivers.Hboot

unrevoked comes with NO WARRANTY (express or implied), and NO GUARANTEE OF FITNESS for any particular task. Although we have attempted to minimize the risk the best we can, the authors disclaim any chance of damage to your phone. The entire risk of running unrevoked lies with you, the user.

Supported Devices

unrevoked3 currently supports the following Android phones:

Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic)
Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible)
HTC Desire GSM
HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC)
HTC Aria
Droid Eris (HTC DesireC)
HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz)
unrevoked3 will permanently unlock NAND write protection by default on the following phones:

Sprint EVO 4G
Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible)
HTC Desire CDMA (HTC BravoC)
We have noticed that the core mechanisms behind unrevoked3 may apply to other rooted current-generation HTC phones running Android2.2. At this time, the tool does not support other phones; if you have an unsupported phone of that description, please get in contact with us.


unrevoked3 has been through the following versions:

Perform validation of the 'misc' partition before we start to ensure that it's safe for us to root your phone
Changes timing of root process to make it more reliable (requires one extra reboot now)
Added support for Froyo builds on all supported devices ( to Sebastian Krahmer)
Added support for the CDMA Desire
Optionally disables security on supported CDMA devices
Added support for HTC Wildfire.
Updated to ClockworkMod Recovery
Fixed “Communications with phone unexpectedly interrupted.” error occurring on Windows version.
Updated to ClockworkMod Recovery
Program sets su permissions even when su is present.
Add support for Droid Eris.
Add the ability to function even without root on all supported phones.
Updated to ClockworkMod Recovery
Renamed to unrevoked3.
Added support for flashing a custom recovery image.
Updated to ClockworkMod Recovery ( on Incredible).
Removed Linux root requirement to run (Linux root may be needed if udev rules are not properly configured).
Mac OS X: Added support for 10.5, not just 10.6.
Added support for HTC Aria.
Updated to ClockworkMod Recovery
v1.0: Initial release.
Common Problems & Questions

Does unrevoked3 give me root? 
Yes. It previously did not; as of version 3.0, it does. 

What does this do, then? 
unrevoked3 will replace the stock Android recovery with a custom one, which adds many features including “nandroid” backups, the ability to use custom ROMs, and a greater amount of flexibility and customization of your Android phone. 

Does this permanently unlock the NAND flash on my phone? 
Yes. The default configuration of this tool disables the phone's security, which also disables the NAND locks placed on the storage by the bootloader. If you choose not to disable security, the /system partition will be read-only after the tool completes.

How do I re-enable security on my device? 
If you wish to re-enable security on your device, please follow the instructions for S-ON on the unrEVOked forever page.

How do I use a custom recovery image instead of the packaged ClockworkMod? 
You will need to choose a .img file, which is a binary file suitable for flashing. A .zip file will not work and may render your recoverypartition inaccessible until you run unrevoked3 with an appropriate image. 

Are any drivers required? 
On Linux and OS X, the program is self-contained. For Windows users, please install the HBOOT drivers available here. 

I'm running Linux and it won't detect my device! 
Either run the program with root permissions, or add appropriate udev rules to the file /etc/rules.d/51-android.rules. Instructions are available at the Android Developers website. 

The program hangs when “waiting for the system to settle.” 
Uninstall any programs that may connect to the phone over USB and automatically sync. Specifically, we have had interference from HTC Sync and Doubletwist in the past; other programs may also cause trouble. 

The program hangs on my Mac waiting for the phone. 
We've heard reports that setting your phone to “Disk Drive” mode instead of Charge Only makes this more reliable. If you're having trouble, give this a shot. 

Will you release the source code? 
At this time, we are not disclosing the vulnerability we have exploited to unlock the NAND flash. 

That doesn't seem fair! Android is about open source. 
In some senses, we agree; but at times, a tradeoff needs to be made. Releasing the source code for this, we believe, would compromise the greater ability to unlock devices like these in the future. Given the choice between sacrificing the liberty of running code on our handsets and the liberty of reading the code by which we unlock it, we feel that the millions of handsets are more important. It is unfortunate that we must make such a choice, and we look forward to the day in the future that no such decision need be made.

 Known Issues
Shutting down the phone with USB plugged in will start ClockworkMod Recovery in an unreliable mode.
Shutting down the phone and then plugging in USB will also start ClockworkMod Recovery in an unreliable mode.
The HTC Battery charge icon is replaced by ClockworkMod. Charge with the phone running in standby mode.

Скачать для Windows Xp/vista/7 (запускать под администратором): filesreflash_package.exe (25Mb)

Скачать для Linux: reflash.tar.gz (25Mb)

Скачать для Mac os x 10.5 & 10.6: Reflash.dmg (25Mb)


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