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amAzeGPS - бесплатная программа навигации

amAzeGPS  - бесплатная программа навигацииamAze GPS free demo version provides access to worldwide street maps, full topographic map coverage of the USA and satellite imagery for 200 major cities around the world. It also allows you to search in a worldwide rich POI database. At any time you can upgrade from within the applicationto the full version that includes turn-by-turn voice guided navigation.

amAze GPS was selected ‘Product of the Year 2008’ for its unique set of features and access to the most up-to-date worldwide map data at an affordable price.

amAze GPS full version lets you navigate almost anywhere in the world. Navigate with satellite imagery in 2D and 3D in many major cities. You don’t need to worry about updating maps. Our servers handle that for you on demand, over the air.

amAze GPS full version 5.0 is the latest version of amAze GPS and offers all the following features:

Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation
2D and 3D (bird’s eye view) mapping navigation modes
Arrows-only navigation mode (more visible AND saves on data usage)
Navigation over satellite imagery including 3D ‘bird’s eye view’ mode
Optional routing for car, pedestrian, truck, car pools, and more
Routing setup tools: fastest, shortest, with traffic, etc. 
Navigation simulation mode to preview your route before you go
Detailed driving directions with step-by-step text and graphics
Easy address search for almost any place in the world
POI / quick keywords search for most places around the world
Local search from country-specific business directories (where available)
Search white pages directories for people you need to get to (where available)
Detailed street maps with floating street names for better visibility
Easy map zooming and panning options
Heads up or North up map orientation + high-performance map rotation
High resolution satellite imagery in over 200 major cities worldwide
Topographic maps covering the entire USA
International map coverage including:
* All of North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico)
* Western Europe, Central Europe and most of Eastern Europe
* Parts of Latin America (Brazil and Argentina)
* Most of the Middle East
* Parts of Asia (India, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore)
* Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. For details and updated coverage see the amAze GPS web site.
Multiple language support for user interface and spoken voices
Easy switching between languages
Support for right-to-left languages (i.e. Arabic) Available languages: Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, English (UK), Estonian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Spanish (Espaol) and Swedish.
FAVORITES Fast saving of search results and entered destinations to Favorites list Automatic saving of last selected items to History list
Red-light camera alerts
Speed camera alerts
Speed trap alerts
User generated content – contribute your fresh camera & trap locations!
Real-time traffic conditions displayed on the map (in the supported countries)
Routing based on live, real-time traffic data to save you time and gas
5 days weather forecast for any place worldwide
Automatically shows current weather conditions including temperature, wi nd speed and direction at map center
Search by Latitude and Longitude coordinates to view on map or navigate there
Day and Night viewing mode automatically sets itself for best visibility 
Скачать: amazegps-5.0.apk [13,85 Kb]


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№9 | написал: Gliplepam
Вообще-то моя самая любимая тема

№8 | написал: Gravelhammer
при запуске представляет: error da5f3k29.nh.

№7 | написал: Morlullador
безумно долгая программка, совсем не подходит под нужды

№6 | написал: Sterneye
Незнание зарубежного языка очень запутывает использование данной утилиты?

№5 | написал: Doomcrusher
мерси за объёмный выбор файлов

№4 | написал: Agarim
не самая-самая недоработанная версия на этот момент, если качать и сопоставить с похожими версиями утилиты.

№3 | написал: Thunderfire
в некоторых случаях виснет, может мой замедленный телефон виновен?

№2 | написал: Zadar
у кого ругается антивирусное обеспечение, отключите.

№1 | написал: Ironmane
Премногое спасибо за немалый ассортимент материала

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